Pocket Size Review 29: Kaweco Art Sport, Kaweco Smokey Grey

Hello, and welcome to the new Pocket Size Review format! In order to allow for a higher character count and greater ease of reading we are moving these posts over to the blog, but don’t worry, we will continue to share the pictures on Instagram.

There are pens that one views as utilitarian tools, and there are pens that one views as works of art. Then there is the intersection between the two.

The Kaweco Sport was one of the first fountain pens to ever catch my eye. It looked to me like the “space pen” of fountain pens, maybe not as usable in as many situations, but every bit as pocketable, and oddly comfortable looking to hold and use once posted. The Art Sport series continues with this amazing form factor, but rather than injection molded plastic the pens are made out of turned acrylic. This Rosit colorway is more understated than some of the swirlier stripier models, but I hope you can see from the image above how this pen “glows” in the light in a way that a classic Sport doesn’t.

Kaweco inks are often underrated. This Smokey Grey is a wonderful neutral color, and shades nicely on Write Notepads’ paper. It is also available in cartridges, which is a huge plus because the Sport is a cartridge only pen without enough space in the barrel for a full size converter.

Overall, the Art Sport holds an odd spot in the Kaweco Sport line-up. The more durable aluminum, brass, and steel models all beat it on price, so if you’re just looking for utility this pen probably won’t be on your radar. If you are looking to add a pen to your collection that is as pretty as it is useful, though, then it’s worth taking a look at the different Art Sport colorways out there and seeing what catches your eye.

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