Pocket Size Review 31: Pelikan M200, Pelikan Edelstein Topaz

With the 2019 Pelikan Hub global event coming up at the end of this week, we though it was a perfect time to share this pen and ink combo. The Pelikan M200 (or M205 if you prefer silver accents) is a great pen that is often overshadowed by its larger gold-nibbled siblings. The M20X series may not be as ornate, but they share the wonderfully engineered Pelikan piston filling system (hate piston fillers? The P20X pens are identical pens that use cartridges.) Also often overlooked are the steel nibs on these pens which I have found to be softer and more pleasant to write with than some other brands gold nibs. The steel nibs are very easily swapped (and replacements can often be imported cheaply from European retailers,) and the pen can even be upgraded with a gold nib from an M20X series pen if you happen to have one on hand.

Pelikan’s Edelstein line of inks are their premium ink line, and they have some gorgeous colors. Attendees of this Friday’s Pelikan Hubs will be going home with a bottle of this year’s limited edition color, Star Ruby. One of the permanent colors in the collection, Topaz, is a bright blue that reminds me a lot of one of my personal favorite inks, Lamy Turquoise.

The broad steel nib puts down a lot of ink here on the page, which is a fitting send-off for our last review in the Write Notepads Zhū Year of the Pig notebook. Write have got some really great paper going on in their products these days, and it’s been a real pleasure carrying around this notebook. I’m also looking forward, as always, to the opportunity to try something new.

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