Pocket Size Review 33: Cross Townsend Star Wars Chewbacca, Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat

For Halloween, here’s a pen that’s dressed up as my favorite Star Wars character. The Cross Townsend Star Wars Chewbacca pen is quite a sight, with its deep-etched cap and barrel, lacquered mahogany brown to resemble Wookiee hair. The bandolier etchings on the back of the cap are probably my favorite design element, always reminding you which Wookiee this pen is honoring (no confusing it for a Lumpawaroo or Lowbacca pen.)

The nib on this pen is great as well. It’s a little small considering the length of the pen, but it’s a beautifully soft 18k gold experience. You won’t easily find confirmation on Cross’s own website, but the word around town is that gold Townsend nibs are made by Pelikan, and the way that this medium writes like a double broad, I believe it.

I paired the brown walking-rug pen with a pretty golden brown ink, Taccia’s Tsuchi Golden Wheat. It’s a fun shading brown that almost glows. It looks great in this nib on Write’s paper, but on cheap copy paper I would use it with a finer nib (from experience.)

Today we are also bidding adieu to my Zhū notebook from Write Notepads. It’s moving on to the stack of filled notebooks. I really loved using this paper, and look forward to my next Write Notepad. The folks at Write know how to make a quality product (and they are also super nice people, and I would say that even if they weren’t local here in Baltimore, but it doesn’t hurt their case.)

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