Baltimore Washington International Pen Show 2019: A Brief Recap

Wow. What fun I had at the Baltimore Pen Show. I’m glad I only attended for one day. I would have spent all my kids’ inheritance if I was there for more. Everyone was as friendly as possible. Location was easy, right off I-95 and the B-W Parkway

I bought a Black Cross Liberty United from Crazy Alan’s Emporium. He’s not so crazy. But fun to talk to.  A clear model 45 from Franklin-Christoph. That was exciting watching the pen be put together and the nib made perfect all before my eyes. A couple Nock co 3 pen pouches from Brad Dowdy. He has some of the nicest pouches and pen holders. A TWSBI 580 USA from Dromgoole’s, because my son, Evan, has one and as he knows I can’t let him have pens I like and not get my own. Even though I didn’t find the Pelikan pen I was looking for at the price I wanted, I had a chance to drool over some much more expensive and rarer Pelikan pens at Tom Baley’s workshop. And lastly, actually right before I left, a solid copper Ink rollerball from Bill Karas at Karas Kustoms. I love heavy pens and this is the top of the food chain for them.

Thank you to Bert and Corinne and the whole crew, and I’m looking forward to 2020!

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