Pocket Size Review 37: Montblanc M Fountain Pen, Montblanc Irish Green

I’m always looking for a smooth writing pen. I also love a bargain. In case you’re unaware in Scottsboro, Alabama is a place called Unclaimed Baggage. I don’t know the details but supposedly baggage from airlines end up here when not claimed.

I was there recently specifically looking for pens. I found a black Montblanc M fountain pen. New these are $600 I paid less than half. The M stands for Marc Newson, the same Marc Newsome who designed the Nautilus retractable fountain pen for Hermès, and who recently started the design firm LoveFrom with Jony Ive (formerly of Apple).

After some extensive cleaning I put a Montblanc Irish Green cartridge in this pen. This is a vibrant green than has dark and light shades. A very worthy green.

This is my third Montblanc fountain pen, after my Meisterstuck 149 and my Boheme. The M, like the others, is smooth and could be an everyday writer for me. The nib doesn’t let on as to what its size is. So based on the lines I’m assuming it’s a medium. The pen is only available in either Fine or Medium, so it’s a fifty-fifty shot. Writing is a nice size, not too wide or too thin. Just right.

The paper I’ve used in the picture is from Write Notepads in Baltimore. My new favorite.

I can’t say there is anything about this pen that would cause someone to buy it over a different Montblanc fountain pen. The M has a gimmick; magnets in the cap and in the graphic section. When the cap is put on the magnets line up the clip the and the star to close. The cap is loose and will spin around to remain lined up if necessary.

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