Pocket Size Review 42: Yookers Metis, Waterman Serenity Blue

I used to work for a man who only used fineline markers. There’s a lot I could say about my time working for him, and a lot I probably shouldn’t say, but that proclivity for fineliners always struck me, in part because he had many brand-name versions of other products for his personal use, but he wrote with cheap disposable fineliners.

To be fair, other that the Parker Fifth Tech pens the market is somewhat lacking for higher end fineliners, but Yookers has a solution for this. Yookers makes refillable fineliners that take either a standard fountain pen cartridge or even a converter. My personal Yookers is their Metis model, which is their nicer looking unit. The tips come in a few different sizes, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, and 1.4, making my 1.0 the equivalent of a Fine tip on that scale.

The fibers on the tip of a Yookers pen are a semi-opaque white when clean, but my favorite part of inking the pen is watching the ink permeate the tip and change the color. That’s almost the best part of the whole experience right there. The real best part is, of course, being able to have any color you want in a fineliner.

The color I’ve chosen here is Waterman Serenity Blue. it’s a nice bright blue that shines on the page, bright like a firefly. I only have the one cartridge of this ink, but I may have to get more of it once this cart is done.

Since buying this pen I’ve also picked up the largest and smallest replacement tips. Next time I ink it I’ll have to decide whether I want to go Extra Fine, or see how much ink it puts down in a Broad. Those are options I don’t have using a cheap disposable fineliner, and I look forward to making the decision.

3 thoughts on “Pocket Size Review 42: Yookers Metis, Waterman Serenity Blue

  1. Very nice!
    We’re can I order?

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    1. They are distributed by Yafa in the US, so any shops that carry Yafa may have them in stock. I got mine from Bertram’s Inkwell (http://bertramsinkwell.com/ecommerce/catalogsearch/result/?q=yookers)

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  2. Thank you very much. Interesting about the fine liners––sometimes a desirable option. Should I really be buying a Japanese fine fp? Maybe not.

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