Pocket Size Review 46: Sailor Professional Gear, Colorverse Brunch Date

I have an uneasy relationship with demonstrator pens. When I first got in to fountain pens, I thought demonstrators were so cool. They reminded me of 90s era clear electronics, with the added bonus that what they are showing off is a pen’s inner mechanical workings, not just a solid-state circuit-board. This was around the same time, though, that there seemed to be an influx of cheap demonstrator pens coming out of China, and and the look quickly associated in my mind with pens that had no distinguishing characteristics that could be bought for $5 on eBay. It may be a character flaw of mine as a collector, but I liked demonstrators because to take a peek inside of a pen felt special. When everything is special, then nothing is.

But every once in a while I still some across a demonstrator that catches my eye. This Sailor Professional Gear, a special edition from Pen-House, combines the demonstrator look with three different metal tones: rose gold for the exterior furniture, nib, and cap finial, yellow gold for the internal pieces in the section, and then a silver colored converter with a white piston knob. It is essentially the demonstrator version of the “parts bin” color-mixed Sailor pens out there that look like random parts were pulled out of a bin. There’s a charm to it, though, and the rose gold nib is a fun rarity that sets this pen apart from most of the other clear plastic pens on the market.

I bought Colorverse Brunch Date specifically to ink in this pen. I wanted an excuse to try the “Joy in the Ordinary” series of Colorverse inks, featuring smaller bottles and lower prices, and I thought that this sort of dark-peachy color would be a good match for the rose gold nib and trim of this pen. I’ve been very happy with its performance in the medium Sailor nib. It has become my go-to recommendation for rose gold ink matches. And yes, that’s supposed to be a waffle in the drawing above. I have no excuse, but I’m also not going to stop doodling my horrible doodles, because this is a pen and ink combo that is just fun to write with.

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